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Online Safety

EYFS: Safer Internet Day 2022 - F1

"For Safer internet day in F1 we shared the story ‘Chickens Clicking’. We spoke about how we can keep safe online by making sure we are using the right things.
The story is about a chicken, who goes onto a computer and buys lots of things. Whilst reading the story, F1 all said that this wasn't a good thing to do. We spoke about how important it is to speak to our grownups and use the right things on our iPads, laptops or other devices at home. After this, the children went off and made masks and designed their own tablets."

EYFS: Safer Internet Day 2022 - F2

F2 read the story 'Chicken Clicking' and 'Smartie the Penguin.' They thought about who they would go to if they needed help with anything online and then drew a picture of their trusted adult.


Year 4 Safer Internet Day 2022
Year 4 made supportive posters for Safer Internet Day, including tips and key information about how to use the internet and technology safely.

Year 5: Safer Internet Day 2022

For Safer Internet Day, Year 5 created freeze frames of themselves playing on video games. They then used art, choosing colours, to represent how using technology can make them feel at different times.