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Year 5

Welcome to Mrs Binks/Mrs Hodgkin and Miss Brandham's 

Year 5 Class Page

Updated: Summer 1

Current Topic: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Welcome to the Summer term 2020!

What a strange few weeks it's been! We hope that you and your families are safe and well. Although we can't continue our learning in school, we are going to try our hardest to support you at home. 

This term our focus switches to British history - you studied the Stone Age in year 3; the Romans in Y4; and now we are going to look at how Britain looked after the Romans left. We will look at the invasion of the Anglo Saxons and then the Vikings. We start in summer 1 looking at the Anglo Saxons. Our english and reading units will be linked to this as we study Beowulf and write recounts on the attack at Lindisfarne. If we return to school in time, we may even write and record our own battle cry!

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