King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Autumn term 2022

Santa Dash 09.12.22

We have taken part in our whole school Santa Dash. We designed our own Santa hats and went on a run on the school field.

Library visit 08.12.22

We have had a special visit from Kerry who works at the local Mansfield library. She shared ‘I’m not Santa!’ book. We also played different games using the lycra material and singing Christmas songs.


This week we have been learning how to create an AB pattern. We have been exploring using different objects such as counters, leaves, sticks, cups, etc. We have been able to spot the mistake in a pattern and rectify the pattern to create the AB.

People who help us in school

This week we have invited different people in from our school

  • The head teacher
  • The office staff and site staff
  • The teacher
  • A first aider

We have had to listen carefully to how that person’s job involves helping others and we had time to ask questions to our special helpers.

Forest Schools

This week in Forest Schools we have been making Mud Pies. We have been exploring the natural environments and mixing different ingredients to make delicious mud pies!

Refuse Collector

This week we have explored how a refuse collector helps us. We have:

  • Sorted items into rubbish and non-rubbish
  • Explored different types of rubbish
  • Took part in a litter pick.
  • We have learnt how to look after our rubbish and places where it does and doesn’t belong.

Children in Need

Today we learnt about Children in need. We watched a video of Squirrels (BBC) to show us about how we can help others.


  • Made pudsey hats
  • Decorated a biscuits
  • Finger painted pudsey
  • Mixed yellow colours
  • Designed a pudsey badge

World cup theme week

At the beginning of the week, we introduced a box filled with lots of different pictures and objects about football (footballer, stadium, trophy, whistle, boots, football, goal, pitch). We encouraged the children to look at and describe the pictures/objects, sharing their own ideas and experiences with the group. We had Mansfield Town Football Club in to share some football activities with us. 


We have kickstarted the World Cup by coming to school dressed as a footballer or in sportswear.

We shared a mystery box filled with football items such as: a football, a football pitch, a trophy, a stadium, a footballer and a whistle.

We shared our own experiences of football and talked about what we liked and disliked. We spoke about what is used in a game of football and the different places football can be played.

Remembrance Day

On Friday, we shared a story of Remembrance Day and the video clip of Poppies on animation to learn about how the animals experiences a WW1 Battlefield.

We learnt that:

  • We wear poppies in November.
  • We remember the people who lost their lives in the 1st World War and all other wars.



  • War – a battle using armour between countries
  • Soldier – somebody (man/woman) who serves in the army
  • Remembrance – a time we spend remembering people who have died in the war
  • Battle – a fight that can last a long time


We also shared a minute silence in line with the rest of the school.

Forest Schools

This week we shared an Autumn story and went on an Autumn walk. We collected materials that show signs of Autumn such as falling leaves that are orange and brown, conkers and acorns.

Bonfire Night

We have:

  • Painting using toilet rolls to make different coloured fireworks
  • Using loose parts to make firework patterns
  • Using chalks to design our own fireworks
  • Using our senses in shaving foam to make different style fireworks
  • Building bonfires in our Forest School area
  • Tasting mushy peas, hot chocolate and marshmallows


We have been:

  • Sharing the story of Rama and Sita and looked at how different countries celebrate Diwali, how they prepare and what they eat.
  • Sculpting clay to make diva lamps and painted them in metallic paint with glitter, then we lit a tea light.
  • Creating mendhi hand patterns using black, brown, orange and yellow paint with cotton buds
  • Using loose parts to make Rangoli patterns
  • Exploring different coloured rice and pasta and made rangoli patterns


We have been:

  • Exploring pumpkins using fine motor skills
  • Cutting, smells and using our senses to explore pumpkins
  • Designing pumpkins using cut and stick skills
  • Using black and white paint to mix to make different shades of grey for spiders
  • Sharing our own experiences of Halloween for example different costumers, traditions, food we eat.

Our topic this half term is People in our Community


Within this topic we will enquire into:

  • Different occupations
  • The Christmas Nativity


Our key questions this half term are:

  • How do … help us?
  • Why do … help us?

What makes us proud?

We shared the story ‘Ready, Steady, Mo!’. We had a group discussion about things that we have achieved e.g. like swimming, helping a friend or being brave on the climbing frame. We created our own medals on Thursday. On Friday, we went onto the field and had a race and we all won a medal for being proud and achieving something!

Talk for Writing - Finding a Friend

Our key text has been 'Finding a Friend' by Pie Corbett. We have created a class story map and orally told the story. Here are some of our key actions:

  • Elephant
  • Cheetah
  • Giraffe
  • Bunny
  • Gorilla



We have been sprinkling magic fairy dust on our ears and using our super listening to go on listening walks. We have used sticks/beaters to make sounds on different things such as the slide, ramp, railings, the floor, etc.

Clay faces

We have been sharing the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have been talking about and expressing our feelings such as happy and sad. We have made clay faces!

Exploring our 5 senses

We have been exploring our 5 senses and listening to different sounds, feeling different objects, looking at different things, smelling different smells and tasting different foods.

Investigation: We found a Spider!

Today whilst we were playing outside we found a spider in the tyre. The spider was very big and we made sure we looked after it. We made sure not to touch it or hurt it and be quiet around it because it might be scared. We had a great idea to draw the spider and build a home for the spider. We thought really carefully about the spider's home and we built a door, some steps and made sure it would be warm.

Maths: Learning our colours

We been been watching and exploring 'Colourblocks'. We have been able identify, name and explore colours in different ways.

Our Chatterboxes

We have shared our chatterboxes that we made at home. We have been able to talk about these and share all of the exciting things we have. The objects in our chatterboxes are things that are special to us such as toys, favourite food, photographs.

A new beginning

We have been getting to know our new teachers and friends. We have been learning to play, share our toys and we have been building our independence. We have enjoyed singing songs, sharing stories and joining in at circle and snack time. 

Our topic this half term is Marvellous me!


Within this topic we will enquire into:

  • My new class/ starting school/ new beginnings
  • Myself
  • My family
  • My senses and my body
  • My feelings


Our key questions this half term are:

  • Who am I?
  • Who lives in my house?
  • What can I hear/see/smell/touch/taste?
  • How do I feel?