King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Vision Statement

The Aims of King Edward Primary
School and Nursery
What we value at our school

Excitement + Determination = Success
As pupils, parents, staff and governors we believe that school should be an exciting, fun
and inspiring preparation for our futures. We value this friendly place where we enjoy our
work and play, where we respect each other whatever our background, where we learn to
be organised and follow a variety of creative activities.
We take pride in always doing our best because we are determined to learn. We enjoy
being challenged and realise that we will continue to improve if we keep trying hard. We
also value the opportunity to work and play at home. We know that, if we never give up,
there is no limit to our future achievements.
We have high expectations and we work with our teachers, who know what we are good
at and how to help us to improve. We want success in all our work and play, as individuals
and in groups, in and out of the classroom. High expectations will help us to learn in all
our subjects. We love to visit places. We respect and care about the world we live in. We
are proud of our school, our town and our country. We like to question and explore.
We support each other and we want to be rewarded for trying hard. We know that
together, inspired, excited and determined, we will succeed.