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To enable our School Governors to support our school we use personal information, for example:

  • Name and contact details
  • Declarations of interest
  • Vetting information
  • Digital images
  • Behaviours


We are required by law to collect and use this information and our legal basis for using the personal information is our Legal Obligation. Our legal basis for using special category personal information is Substantial Public Interest.


Sometimes we need to share this personal information. Please note we only share information required for that particular purpose and then only the minimum required.  We may share information with for example:

  • Central or local government departments
  • Other education  providers
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • School Website


The information we use will be retained until the Governor ceases to work with the school, plus one year.


Our school management system and Microsoft 365 services are provided under contract and they act as data processors for this information.


No Personal information is routinely available outside of the UK, except where some of our key suppliers store information either within the EEA or in the US under the EU-US Privacy Shield, where a transfer of personal information outside of the UK may be necessary we will only do so where it is permitted by law and where appropriate safeguards are in place.


However, where information is used on social media, in publications, or on our website we cannot restrict the access to the UK.


For information about your rights in relation to this use of your personal information please see section 5 below.