King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Summer Term 2022

Summer term 2

This half term our topic is 'Animals around the World'. We will enquire into animals that live in a hot climate and animals that live in a cold climate. We will explore different animals from around the world and we will explore different foods from around the world.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Our learning was themed around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Throughout the week we learnt about the Queen, London landmarks and sights. We talked about why we are celebrating. We looked at what the queen wears and what her roles are. 

Here are some of the activities explored throughout the week:

  • Counting objects up to 5 onto crowns
  • Created crowns out of paper plates, using paint, glitter and sequins 
  • Made our own union Jack flags
  • Painted the queen as a portrait.
  • Using different materials to create the Union jack (tissue paper, paint etc.
  • Writing invitations.
  • Made tea using different smelling tea bags
  • We used our role play to have tea parties and dressed up as kings and queens! 
  • Made cupcakes. 

Guide dog 25.0.22

Today we had a special visit from Darby who is a guide dog. We learnt how the guide dog helps it owner, why it needs to help them and how to keep her safe! She told us that when the dog has the harness on, we aren't allowed to touch it because it is working. Darby was a very kind dog!

Ninja Warrior

We had lots of fun welcoming the Nina Warrior team in! We shared an assembly where we were shown some tricks, we watching videos and we had a go at balancing ourselves!

Police visit 18.05.22

We were very lucky to have our community police officers in school to talk to us about their job and show us some important equipment. They shared some experiences with us, they told us how to keep safe, tell the truth and be good at school! We were able to have a look in their police van and car and listen to the sirens.

When I grow up..

This week in PSHE and Literacy we have been learning about different occupations. We have been sharing our own ideas and thoughts of what job we would like to do when we are older!


There were lots of different ideas in our group from a firefighter, fairy, builder and police officer.

Forest Schools - Mud pies!

We have enjoyed making mud pies at Forest schools this week.


w.b. 2.5.22 Firefighter

This week we have been learning about a firefighter and how they save people!


In Maths, we have been learning about measuring. We have measured different objects and measured ourselves!


w.b. 25.4.22 Dentist

Our key learning this week has been about a Dentist.

We have explored the role of a dentist and how they help us. We explored how to keep our teeth clean! We have looked at real teeth and has a go at brushing them.


We have been working hard with our oral blending and segmenting of words. 

Muddy Monday

This week at Forest schools we made paintbrushes using natural materials. We went on a nature hunt for different size sticks, feathers and leaves. Our teacher helped us to join them together with tape or an elastic band. We then used a variety of colours to paint different areas in our woodland. 

Our learning this week has been themed around: Builders. We have been looking pictures of builders and sharing fiction and non-fiction texts. We have acted out different scenarios of being a builder through using small world and construction.


We have used biscuits and jam to make builder biscuits where we stacked and joined two together.