King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Summer Term 2022

Forest Schools - Mud pies!

We have enjoyed making mud pies at Forest schools this week.


w.b. 2.5.22 Firefighter

This week we have been learning about a firefighter and how they save people!


In Maths, we have been learning about measuring. We have measured different objects and measured ourselves!


w.b. 25.4.22 Dentist

Our key learning this week has been about a Dentist.

We have explored the role of a dentist and how they help us. We explored how to keep our teeth clean! We have looked at real teeth and has a go at brushing them.


We have been working hard with our oral blending and segmenting of words. 

Muddy Monday

This week at Forest schools we made paintbrushes using natural materials. We went on a nature hunt for different size sticks, feathers and leaves. Our teacher helped us to join them together with tape or an elastic band. We then used a variety of colours to paint different areas in our woodland. 

Our learning this week has been themed around: Builders. We have been looking pictures of builders and sharing fiction and non-fiction texts. We have acted out different scenarios of being a builder through using small world and construction.


We have used biscuits and jam to make builder biscuits where we stacked and joined two together.