King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Autumn term

Our Christmas Nativity Performance



We have been celebrating Christmas and learning all about the Nativity story.


This week we have been learning about Birthdays. We have shared different things we might find at a birthday such as balloons, presents, cake, hats, decorations, candles. We have talked about ways we have celebrated our own birthdays and shared photographs from our own celebrations. We have used different materials in the environment to explore birthdays such as painting, playdough and role play

Forest Schools

This week we went on an Autumn walk. We read an autumn related story and we spoke about what we might see in autumn such as pinecones, leaves, conkers, etc. We went on a walk around our school and collected different autumnal materials to explore and investigate.


We have been learning all about number 2. We have been learning how to show 2 in different ways such as on our fingers, using a 5 frame, body movements. We have been subitising and saying when we can see 1 and 2. We have sorted different amounts into groups of 1 and 2.


This week we have been learning about Diwali. We have learnt that Diwali is a festival of light. We have looked at how different families celebrate Diwali and how they prepare such as: clothes; food; decorations; music and festivals. We have:

  • Danced to Diwali music
  • Made a Diya lamp using clay
  • Tried different types of Diwali food such as samosas and bhajis
  • Created rangoli patterns
  • Decorated mehndi hand patterns
  • Designed Diwali cards
  • Explored rangoli patterns using rice

Mansfield Fire Brigade

On Monday we were lucky to have a visit from the local fire brigade. They helped us learn about:

  • How to keep safe
  • What firefighters wear
  • What equipment they use
  • The sound the fire engine siren makes

We had a go inside the fire engine and we had a go at spraying water from the hose!

Remembrance Day

On Friday, we shared a story of Remembrance Day and the video clip of Poppies on animation to learn about how the animals experiences a WW1 Battlefield.

We learnt that:

  • We wear poppies in November.
  • We remember the people who lost their lives in the 1st World War and all other wars.


  • War – a battle using armour between countries
  • Soldier – somebody (man/woman) who serves in the army
  • Remembrance – a time we spend remembering people who have died in the war
  • Battle – a fight that can last a long time


We also shared a minute silence in line with the rest of the school.

Forest Schools

This week we built a large bonfire linked to our key learning this week. We collected large and small sticks and we gathered them all together. We warmed up our hands and enjoyed a hot chocolate and a hot dog!


We have been learning all about number 1. We have learnt what the numeral looks like, how to show 1 on or fingers, how to count 1 object and how to represent 1 in different ways including on a 5 frame.

Bonfire / Firefighter

We discussed how we celebrated bonfire night including the food we ate, clothes we wore, the fireworks and the bonfire. We learnt how firefighters help us in the community and how to keep safe near a fire.

World Mental Health Day

Tuesday was our Mental Health Day. We participated in activities that made us feel good such as:

  • Listening to calming music
  • Exploring bright and happy colours
  • Painting rainbows
  • Making rainbow toast and learning to spread butter
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Sharing a story

Our senses: smell

We have been on a walk around school to locate familiar places such as: the school hall, the library, the kitchen, the office and nursery.

Our senses: smell

This week we have been using our nose to smell.

Incredible Me!

We have been learning about ourselves and why we are unique. We have learnt about different parts of our body and why they make us special. We have been using craft materials to make pictures of ourselves, mirrors and our family cut outs.

Baking / Cooking

We have been making our own pizzas by rolling out dough and using cutters to create our dough. We have topped our pizzas with cheese!

The Colour Monster

This week we have been introduced to the colour monster. We have been learning about things that make us feel happy and sad. We have been trying to express how we feel and share our feelings with our friends. We have explored different shades of blue and yellow through materials, paint, playdough and messy play

Art/DT - Sculpture

We have been introduced to clay and our teachers helped us to sculpt clay with our hands and fingers. We manipulated the clay into faces after looking in a mirror. We spoke with our teacher about what we could see in the mirror.


We have been introduced to simple colours: red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange. We explored these colours in different ways such as toys, real life objects, objects in the environment and number materials. We named the colours and sorted them into different groups, identifying the odd one out.



Our teacher supported us in sitting and listening skills this week. We took part in different listening games which enabled us to hear for different sounds in the environment. We tuned in to sounds we could hear and mimicked different sounds heard. We took part in a listening walk and begun to create different sounds using beaters inside and outside.

Our senses: touch

This week we have been exploring different materials with our hands. We have been exploring different textures to feel. We have been learning to describe things using key vocabulary such as hard, soft, bumpy.

We are special!


This week we have been building learning about what makes us special and things that are special to us. We have shared family photographs and our chatterboxes which includes lots of special things that are important to us. We told our teachers and friends all about our special items!


My new class

This week we started school!

Our teacher showed us around our new classroom and introduced the areas of provision. Throughout the week we have been trying a variety of new activities, resources and exploring our new environment inside and out.  

We have been getting to know each other, practicing our turn taking and listening skills. 


Our topic is: Marvellous Me