King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Summer term 2022

This week we innovated our story to 'We're going on a polar bear hunt.' Our innovation was themed around the Arctic. We shared non-fiction books and videos that describe the Arctic and discussed how this compares with our local area. We changed our class map to create a new version. 


We also explored how water can change to ice and then back to water. We observed these changes and thought about things that would make ice melt quickly - "hot water, oven, sun, fire, hairdryer, microwave, in a pan on the hob." 

Our learning has been themed around the country Africa. 


Our key questions: 

  • What is the weather like in Africa? 
  • What animals live there? 
  • Where do they live?
  • How does this place compare to our local area?


We know that our planet is called Earth and we live in the country England. 

We learnt facts about African animals (lion and elephant).

We compared huts in Africa to our homes in Mansfield and discussed similarities and differences.

We listened to African music and used junk model materials to create drums and shakers. 



Forest Friday -Tracking game

We split into two groups. The first group headed off into the outdoor area, the second group waited ten minutes before setting off. The first group left a trail behind for the second group to follow. We made arrows using sticks, leaves and stones, placing them on the ground to tell the second group which direction to go in. Once the second group had created their trail of hints they hid near the last clue. The second group then followed the trail using the clues left behind from the first group.

Our learning was themed around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Throughout the week we learnt about the Queen, London landmarks and sights. We talked about why we are celebrating. We looked at how the queen has changed and sequenced pictures of her from baby, child, teenager, adult and elderly.

Here are some of the activities explored throughout the week:

  • Repeating patterns using red, white and blue pegs.
  • Using junk model resources to construct Buckingham Palace.
  • Creating union Jack flags.
  • Using different materials to create the Union jack (tissue paper, paint etc.)
  • Creating crowns.
  • Writing invitations.
  • Drawing soldiers and corgi's. 
  • Designing menus for a big jubilee party and listing the food to be served. Which would the Queen like best?
  • Exploring London landmarks and sights. Can you draw a map of London?
  • We loved having tea parties and dressing up as kings and queens! We even had our own throne. 

Week 6

EYFS enjoyed meeting Darby the guide dog. We were able to ask lots of questions and learn about how a guide dog helps a blind person. We know that if a guide dog is wearing a harness we aren't allowed to pet it because it is working. The lady took Darby's harness off and we were allowed to stroke him. Darby was very calm!

Ninja warrior

We had lots of fun at ninja warrior kids! We practised our climbing and balancing skills on the apparatus. We travelled under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment.

Week 5

Our learning this week was themed around ‘police officers.’ We invited a police officer to talk to the children about the things they do to help people be safe. They showed us their uniform, equipment and police vehicles. They told us about their special clothing worn and items needed by emergency personal and why this is necessary. 

We produced artwork using marbles and paint. We moved the marble by using a tilting motion. We enjoyed working with paint in different ways!

Forest Friday

We used natural materials to make 2D shapes. We discussed the shape name and how many sides it has. 

Week 4

Our learning was themed around ‘Doctors and nurses.’  As a class we talked about our experiences of going to the doctors and what happens when we are there. We had a visit from Nurse Sarah who works at Kings Mill Hospital. She talked about her job, shared her uniform and equipment. We asked lots of questions and really enjoyed learning about her important job in our community.

Look at our brilliant writing and mark making! 

Forest Friday -Nature hunt

Can you find… An object longer than the line drawn on your bag?  An object shorter than the line drawn on your bag? An object the same as the line drawn on your bag?

Week 3

Our learning was themed around ‘Firefighters.’  We shared information from non-fiction books. We explored how a firefighter helps people in the community. We discovered that firefighters need lots of equipment to help them do their job as well as equipment to keep them safe. Throughout the week we shared photographs and videos. Our key questions:  Why do you think fire engines are red? What job does a firefighter do?  What should you do if you see lots of smoke or flames coming from a building? Why do firefighters wear a uniform when they do their job?  How do firefighters keep themselves safe?

Forest Friday

We used leaves, grass, sticks and stones to create nature patterns. 

What does the tooth fairy look like?

We used different materials to create our own tooth fairies. 

Week 2

Our learning was themed around ‘Dentists and oral hygiene.’ We shared fiction and non-fiction texts. As a class we talked about what our teeth do and why we need to keep them healthy. We discussed what we do at home to look after our teeth. We shared our experiences of going to the dentist and what happens when they are there.  We used a model set of teeth to talk about what happens if we don’t look after our teeth. We talked about how long we should brush our teeth for. We received a letter from the tooth fairy asking us to sequence instructions for brushing teeth.  We sorted foods that make our teeth happy and foods that make our teeth sad. We explored and tasted some different foods that help our teeth stay healthy. 


Our teacher told us that she had taken a photograph of her favourite place in school and that she had cut this photo up and left pieces in different areas in school. We went around school to find the six different pieces of her jigsaw. We pieced the jigsaw together to show where her favourite place was. Our teacher explained why she chose the reading area as her special place. We talked about about our favourite places at school.

We built words to match the pictures. 

Week 1

Our learning was themed around ‘Builders.’  We shared fiction and non-fiction texts. We learnt about what builders do and life on a building site. We watched a video of a builder on site and saw them using different machines and tools to carry out their job. We explored a builder’s uniform and know they must dress safely for the job they do. We also explored the equipment a builder uses.