King Edward Primary School and Nursery Excitement + Determination = Success

Summer term 2024

Different types of trains

Through photographs and objects we compared modern types of trains and those used in the past. We discussed similarities and differences. 

The train ride

We drew our own story maps and used them to retell the story. 

Maths -length, height and time

We explored objects and used the language of length/height to describe them. We ordered objects according to length/height. We made indirect comparisons using non-standard objects, such as cubes, to measure items. We used range of timers that measure different units of time. We explored measuring time in a variety of ways for example: How many pom-poms can you tweezer onto the bathmat?

Prepare for take off!

We had lots of fun exploring with the aeroplanes in the shaving foam clouds.


Colour mixing 

We added black or white to alter the shade and mix colours to make different colours.


Maths -Composition 

We reviewed the composition of the numbers 6 to 9 using the ‘5 and a bit’ structure. We explored how 10 can be composed. We developed a sense of the ‘ten-ness of 10’ by making our own collections of 10 objects. 

Forest learning -Den building

We choose the perfect spot to build our den. We hung/draped material and tarpaulin -this created the side walls and roof. We worked together to make the inside of the den nice and cozy with some fallen leaves.

Composition to 5 consolidation

We played a game with 5 double-sided counters. We dropped the objects onto the table. We discussed: How many red counters can you see? How many yellow counters are there? Do you need to count? Can you show me on your fingers. We said the stem sentence: 5 is made of ____ and ____, ___ and ____ make 5. 

Look at our boats 

We began by designing our boat using drawings. We then used junk model resources to create our boat. We selected tools and techniques to shape, assemble and join. 

Mark making on iPads 

We used a paint programme to draw different types of transport on the iPad. 

Drawing bikes

We looked at photographs of bikes and discussed the different parts. We drew our own pictures of bikes.

We're going on a colour hunt

We all had a colour wheel. We explored the outdoors and to find any natural resources that match the different colours on the wheel. When we had a match, we took a photograph of the colour wheel and the resource together. We compared and reflected upon our findings: which colours were found easily? Which colours were not found? ‘Why do you think you didn’t find that colour?’

We are builders!

We used a variety of wooden blocks and loose parts to build ourselves. 

Look at our super painting

We choose colours for a purpose and painted different types of vehicles. 

Different types of transport 

We sorted the vehicles into land, sea and sky. 

Bus stop 

We took turns playing the bus stop game. We rolled the dice to determine the number of passengers to count on to our bus.

Which car travelled the furthest? 

We built a ramp using the wooden blocks. We pushed the cars down the ramp to see how far they travelled. 

Our town 

We familiarised ourselves with the town school is located in. We explored maps and photographs taken from our town -Mansfield.

"My sister went to this swimming" -Amelia (Water meadows).

"Shop. We get clothes" -Gracie (Primark). 

"I've been to that park before" -Willow (Titchfield park).


We've been working in the garage. We've been using different tools to repair the vehicles. 

The naughty bus

We found a naughty bus in our classroom! It left black wheel marks on our classroom floor. 
Our teacher read the story ‘The Naughty Bus. We discussed:

Who has seen a bus like this before? Have you been on a bus? Where did you go? What did you see out of the window? What job does a bus have? Why are buses important? Where do you see a bus? Where would you like to go on a bus?

"I go to Nana's" -Peggy. 

"I've been to the library with Mamma and Grandad" -Harry. 

"To Nottingham. To buy something. With Mummy, Daddy, my sister and brother" -Rainers. 

"I went to Nottingham castle and Wheelgate" -Olivia.  

Ticket to ride